Romantic Colours to Adorn The Walls of a Premium Luxury Apartment

Designing a customized bedroom for a luxury serviced apartments Sydney can be successful with the right furniture and proper wall decor. If you want to your bedroom to reflect luxury and comfort, you should give attention to minute details. If you want your bedroom to stand out, you have to work on those aspects of it which have not been explored till now. Either people want an elegant look in the bedroom, like those in THE 42 Central Kolkata, or they want a minimalist yet luxurious feel to the bedroom. But, is your bedroom only about elegance or comfort or luxury? Sometimes, the bedroom is also where your romantic exchanges happen. Let’s talk about how you can bring a romantic vibe to your bedroom by using different colours.

Pink is definitely the colour of love- innocent but deep love. You can use the deep shade of raspberry pink on your walls with complementary colours like gold and bronze, or copper. Any metallic colour will be able to complement this colour beautifully on your bedroom walls. Keep the top palette clean with a lot of white which will balance out the intensity of raspberry pink as a colour. According to your taste of vibrance, you can go for the shade variants of the same colour to adorn your bedroom wall.

Red is the Warmest Colour

Red is the colour of love and desire. It is distinctly mature and extremely elegant. A rich ruby red colour adds a dark and sultry look to your bedroom. You can complement it well with a tint of black or some other warm neutral colour. Since this is a very saturated hue, you should use lighter colours for the decor and the furniture. Those rooms which are penetrated by profuse natural light everyday can have this colour on.

Orange is the New ‘Romantic’

Many of us love a touch of caramel for our food. At the same time, the caramel orange is also an extremely romantic yet elegant colour that you can use on the walls of the apartments sale in Kolkata. This shade of orange brings a note of intimacy to the bedroom and looks beautiful with plenty of natural light streaming in. This is definitely a softer hue compared to the others mentioned in this article. Hence it gives the room a cosy and warm vibe which looks attractive and inviting.

50 (or more) Shades of ‘Black’

Black for your wall is definitely an unconventional choice of colour for your bedroom wall. Think about walking into a luxury apartment like THE 42 Central Kolkata and looking at a sleek, greyish black wall- will it not look passionate? Adding a bit of red and pink as complementing colours will definitely magnify the colour of love and desire on the base of dark passion- black. If you can pull off a black wall with the right decor, it is going to rock your bedroom with ultimate passion. Also, with such an uncommon colour, your bedroom will stand out.