Best College Advice From Steve Jobs

This speech was given by Steve Jobs at the end of the Stanford college year in 2005 and is remembered for his final piece of advice,

“Stay hunger and stay foolish” – Steve Jobs, Stanford College 2005.

I love this for its simplicity and wisdom. When were not hunger for knowledge we become complacent and this leads to drudgery and poor outcomes. If we play it safe when trying to solve problems, we act a little too wise and this is typically what happens when I minds begin to age. Wisdom is not defined by everything not-foolish, as it takes great wisdom to know when the oft-overlooked path may hold the key to success. To often the easy way seems the right way only to be proven wrong in the end by someone who dared to be different with their approach.

Time and time again, it is those risk takers that come up with solutions to problems that the rest of us, label as genius. Steve got a couple things right in life and granted he was just a man, and a flawed individual but his foolish and hungry approach has changed the world in so many amazing ways that the so called wise approach of “watch, see and copy” is trailing his pathway through so much of the technology that his company Apple have forged ahead with when everyone wrote them off as being not important.

Watch the video all the way through and you will see that Steve never completed a college degree the normal way and yet he still succeeded to a stellar level. So college or not, it comes down to your buying into the hungry and foolishness that the pathway of success beckons with as you journey through life.

Tips To Help You Successfully Plan For College

There are all kinds of benefits in getting yourself a college degree. The higher paychecks and chances for career advancement, as well as the social and intellectual stimulation, are all reasons to get your degree. Read on for tips that can help you make the best decision.

Avoid waiting for the last minute: apply for grants and scholarships early enough. By giving yourself plenty of time to find funding, you will not have to borrow as much money. Schedule deadlines and work hard on submissions.


Look for a study skills class if you are struggling academically. Many students are used to getting high grades with comparatively little effort in high school and may not be sure how to study for their college courses. Study classes can provide excellent tips on how to study effectively so that you can achieve success in class.

Learn about the available grants and scholarships that can help you finance your education. A lot of people do not think about the extra help they can get! The government provides a variety of grants which they don’t expect you to repay.

Learn your schedule and the locations of your classes before school starts. Find out how much time it takes to get from one class to another, and plan your route accordingly. Also locate other important places that you will be using a lot and mark them on your map.

Research your potential career before you make your final decision on a school. This will guarantee the courses needed for the degree you want to get are offered by the college. Speak with an admissions director to be sure that they offer the classes you have to take. For foreign students the need to Learn English Online before applying for a higher education degree is paramount to their success.

Involve yourself in several activities like clubs and advisory panels while in college. The more activities in which you are involved that relate to your interests, the more impressive your resume will look when you graduate. Do not do so much that your grades suffer, however.

Always eat a good breakfast before going to class, especially if you have a test. Even an apple will do. Hunger pangs are devastating to your test performance. By eating at least a small meal, you will be better able to focus on the test and recall all of the information that you studied.

Be sure to get plenty of rest. Sleep is essential; even though, all night studying and partying may beckon you. You’ll have bad behavior and forget many things, if you don’t get enough sleep.


It’s important that you learn all you can about your professors whenever classes begin. Make sure you know the location of their offices and how to get in touch with them easily. Build a strong repertoire with them to achieve a better understanding if an issue like turning in something late or having something come up.

Pay off any credit card you have in full each month. Otherwise, unnecessary interest and penalties may accrue. Generally, you should only use a credit card when an emergency arises. While you may wish to use it for entertainment, remember that you’re at college to learn. If you are having issues with money, it might distract you from your studies. If you can’t find things online, then it may well pay off to get the advice of an seo consultant. To find an seo consultant in sydney you could always try searching online to see what is out there, as you may well find you could save money by utilizing affordable SEO services that come recommended by others online.

Get to know your professors and make sure they know you are serious about your education. Professors are the most important resource and can help you get on your way. Ask them questions and offer to provide them with assistance as well. Building healthy relationships with your professors can offer many opportunities.

It’s important to consider how passionate you are about a class over how easy it is. Challenging yourself is good for you. Difficult classes can challenge you and give you confidence when you discover that you can excel in them. Take for instance wall art. If you are passionate about making art, wall art prints have become very popular among home decorators and interior designers.

Look beyond your elective courses for choosing your major. Get involved in activities on campus. Try work-study positions and join clubs. There is usually a multitude of activities going on across campus any given week. To encourage this form of experimentation, set a goal of trying at least one new activity every week.

Refrain from plagiarizing as the consequences can be extreme. You are going to likely have to write many reports and essays at college. It’s important to cite sources the right way. Most professors know how to spot plagiarism, so always avoid it!

One last reading of your notes before bed can help you if you have a test first thing in the next morning. By doing this before sleep, it is said to actually assist by allowing the information to be processed during the night’s dreams. During sleep, the mind is active and continues to makes connections, so you will be programming yourself for success.

It takes time to make friends. Being out there can just mean going to class early. When you do this, you can assist other students who may be unsure if they’re in the right place. This is a good way to break the ice and start up a conversation.

Going to college can be a very exciting and liberating experience for many people. Be sure to balance your time properly. Set aside plenty of time for studying. You need to remember that you are preparing for your future.

If you are going back to college and have kids, you might have eliminated the possibility of staying on campus from your mind because you just didn’t think it could happen. This is not really true. A large number of college campuses do have housing accommodations for families. Many colleges understand not every student is fresh out of high school. Ask about family housing early, as it usually fills up quickly.

There are a number of advantages a good college education gives a person. Thus, college is something in which many are interested, but how to make it happen can be a mystery. If you keep in mind the advice here, you can make better choices in regards to the college that you will attend, your major, and how to cover your college expenses.