The Hottest Ugg Boot Styles to Get You Through the Winter

You may not find many things that World War I pilots and surfers can agree on – except that Ugg Boots are one of the warmest things you can put on your feet. For winter buy outdoor ugg boots online to avail some lower prices this December.

Ugg boots were originally worn by World War I pilots who called the sheepskin boots “ug,” which is Australian slang for ugly. They were not the most attractive – or complicated – kind of footwear. They were made of two pieces of sheepskin sewn together with no sole on the bottom.Decidedly simple, but they kept the pilots’ feet warm.Decades later, it was Australian surfers who discovered that these “ug” boots warmed their feet when they came out of the ocean.

The rest is history. Today, they are a fashion staple that warms your feet the way they always have. Worn barefoot, the fleece lining traps your body heat and insulates them from the cold weather. Fast forward to warmer temperatures and the wicking actually draws away the perspiration and keeps your feet cool.Today, these made-in-America Ugg boots keep your feet as warm as they ever did. But they look a lot different than when they were formed from two pieces of sheepskin. They are still genuine fleece, but they have added a sole that makes them as durable as they are comfortable.

Classic Collection

If you are just buying your first pair of Uggs, check out the Classic Collection. They come in tall and short versions of the sheepskin boot, in a variety of colors and with the same Ugg sole. Among other colors, they come in classic chestnut, chocolate brown, sand, black, gray, metallic gold, marbled nickel, Raspberry Rose and even a sand paisley sheepskin upper.

Tall Uggs have an 11-inch shaft. The boot can be worn up to the knee or cuffed down to show off the fleece lining. It has a molded EVA light, flexible outsole that softens your step and keeps you sure-footed. The circumference at the mid-calf is a roomy 12½ inches. Because it is not form-fitting, this style of Ugg boot often runs large and you will want to order anywhere from a full size to a half-size smaller than you normally wear.The classic short boot has an 8-inch shaft. It too is fully lined in fleece. Like the taller version, the classic short boot has a reinforced heel, classic raw seams and the signature UGG Australia label on the outside heel.

Bailey Button Triplet

For a different look, check out the Ugg Bailey Button Triplet boot, with its wooden Ugg logo buttons and elastic band closures. With an 11½-inch shaft, this boot can be worn up or cuffed down. It features the Ugg raw edges, suede heel guards and nylon binding. It comes in chestnut sheepskin with off-white Ugg buttons, chocolate with matching buttons, grey with matching buttons, black with matching buttons, sand with off-white buttons and Deep Atlantic (blue-green) with off-white buttons.

Classic Cardy

Just as a favorite sweater can be the warmest thing you put on, so too are the Classic Cardy wool Ugg boots. Made of a heathered merino wool, the shaft of this boot has three etched wooden buttons, each with the Ugg logo. With a 14½-inch shaft, these boots are meant to slouch down. You can pull them up to the knee or push them all the way down for the most extreme slouch look. It has a soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin to keep you warm or provide the moisture-free zone of other Ugg boots. This style also tends to run large. It comes in black and gold, chocolate and gold, and charcoal and silver threads. It also comes in a more solid weave in crème, moss and black.

Something Different

With so many friends wearing Ugg boots, you may want a look that isn’t easily duplicated. Check out the Classic Argyle Knit, made of merino wool. This cable knit classic looks like your favorite sweater from the Northern Isles. Its 13½-inch shaft is made to cuff down – either halfway down your shin or down to the ankle. Its 13-inch circumference makes it a little bigger around than the sheepskin models, which might suit some women better. It comes in an off-white cream, stout, charcoal and black.Mix leather and knit with the Suburb Crochet model. This recent addition has a leather upper and a polyester and wool knitted shaft. Around the top of the shaft is a leather tie strap that lets you adjust the opening.

The boot is lined with an off-white fur fleece. The sheepskin footbed makes this boot comfortable and flexible.On the heel is a new decorative label. It is available in black and heather brown. If you are looking for a shoe to muck around the house in, try the Byron, a house slipper made of leather and sheepsk in with the same warm sheepskin lining. If you have to run outside, don’t fret as the outsole is made of molded rubber for a good grip and flexibility.Uggs offers styles for all walks of life and every member of the family. Find the perfect pair now!

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Can Women Artists Have It All?

Why Can’t Female Artists Have it All?

Many tv storyboard are hand-drawn, but some creators or animators choose to use storyboarding software to speed up the work. Some thoughts on Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article in the June 2012 of The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”. The article has struck a chord in our society and has attracted the attention of talk-shows and, I am sure, many female readers. I hope, though, that this article gets male readers, employers, Human Resources officials to contemplate solutions to this problem of biology-driven inequality in the workplace.

The article deals with the difficulties women still face in balancing home and workplace. She addresses these difficulties in various demographics: women in positions of power, single mothers, very educated women, less educated women, etc. Flexible schedules and a more extensive use of technology are two of the solutions she offers, which would allow women to care for their families (children, parents, etc.) while still ethically and professionally discharging their obligations towards their employers.

This article struck a chord with me, too. Apart from being a dedicated, hard-working, ambitious Artist, I just need to BE an Artist. If I don’t paint, my inner colors fade. And although I do not have children (two-legged, that is), I do have a husband, pets, a house to care for and the myriad details that these entail.

It would probably be easy for anyone to assume that being an Artist involves keeping my own hours, having a very flexible schedule, hopping between the house and the studio while humming a song. The best of both worlds, right?

Well, not quite. Let’s talk about Creativity, for example. Creativity is a complex subject and as such it works differently for everyone. I assume it works differently for women as it does for men and I am sure it is different among women artists themselves. One thing, though, can be stated and it applies to all creative people: a great deal of the time creativity requires time-off from the left side of the brain activities such as doing your taxes, having the faucet repaired or cleaning up after a pet. Creativity requires stretches of “time out”, dream-time, disconnect-time.

Of course, artists’ processes and type of work differ widely. Some aspects of creating a piece of art are less demanding on the right side of the brain and, in fact, benefit from an active, on-its-toes left side. But I am talking about coming up with ideas, often ex-nihilo; how to develop them; composition, design, etc., based on a thin thread of inspiration or none at all. And the “competition” is always breathing down our necks, those of women artists, that is: the train of thought often goes like this: what color should I use on this shape, something that brightens the painting up and still does not obscure the shape on the lower left I wonder if my dog is feeling better today hmmm this color seems to be good here, I think I will try it but I haven’t yet planned what’s for dinner, what am I going to do? I like the results here, I think I’m on the right track; I wonder if so and so will call back, we do need to solve this problem. Etc., etc. Do men artists go through this process, too? Perhaps they replace the domestic digressions with another. We cannot possibly assume that men artists are 100% focused on the work at hand all the time. Perhaps the stereotypical view that men are unable to multitask does work in their favor; at the very least it would be interesting to conduct a study to learn how men’s focus on the task at hand works and if that biological trait is sharp enough to break all glass ceilings.

I propose, therefore, that women in the workplace, be they powerful or not, as well as women artists, do face the issue of balancing careers and homes. Women in the workplace need to focus on their jobs, their careers (power-driven or not), while keeping domestic/emotional concerns at bay. Instead of looking within, where their children require her attention and the husband is upset with their lack of personal time, they must look up and keep their eyes on the ceiling that is still made of glass despite societal progress in so many areas.

Having to balance home and careers may affect the quality of their work if women in any field do not learn to disconnect from the different demands placed upon them by both home and work. The lucky ones, such as Ms. Slaughter, can count on help either from husbands or others. How does this dichotomy affect women’s careers and the dream of having it all? Is this a biological constraint that will never be overcome as long as women place any importance at all in home-making, child-rearing, or is this a society-imposed constraint that should be abolished to accommodate a natural need of society itself (and not necessarily of women only) to have family structures with all that this implies?

Women artists also face a kind of glass ceiling in the marketplace. What’s the percentage of male artists who are granted more and easier access to the “limelight” as compared to that of women artists? I don’t have this information but all I have to do to get a feel for the answer is go through galleries, institutional websites, and other sources of information on and exposure of artists to see the discrepancy between the genders represented. Is this due to the fact that men are able to disconnect from the demands of home (should they have a family) and have laser-beam focus on their work that bears no distraction? I often think of Picasso who had his every need fulfilled by a series of women who dedicated themselves to his every whim and wish while he created without any concern for anything at all around him.

Would it, therefore, be fair to say that Anne Marie Slaughter’s point of view and personal experience spills over into the Art territory? Can women artists have it all?

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Understanding the Special Education Process

Taking up a management courses Sydney is not just for banking jobs but you can also be employed in a private school. Whether you choose private or public education you need to be assured that your child is receiving maximum support in school. Often procedures and programs are overwhelming. In order to make informed decisions, it is important to understand the special education process and to know your rights. Although schools differ slightly when identifying children who qualify for special education services the process is fairly consistent between states. If your child is experiencing difficulties in any area of learning, your involvement benefits your child in many ways. The better informed you are as a parent the more effective the interventions become. The types of concerns addressed may include academics, behavior, social/emotional, and health issues. You may be the first to express a concern, or the school might notify you. Before your child can be identified as having special education needs, however, schools must follow certain guidelines. Pre-referral is an important part of the special education process.

Pre-referral helps to make certain that your child is provided with appropriate modifications and accommodations before being referred for special education testing. These strategies may include, but are not limited to, physical placement in the classroom, presentation and modification of materials, as well as individualized behavior plans. Often the modifications and strategies that are recommended provide your child with enough support that academic performance is improved and special education services are not required.

Different states refer to the child study team by different names. In some states the team is a function of general education, in others, the team is a part of the special education program. In any case, it is a school site committee whose primary function is to ensure that each child receives the most appropriate classroom support. The meetings are usually held in your child’s classroom or in an office at the school site, before or after school, allowing your child’s teacher to participate. By providing early identification and intervention for students who are experiencing difficulty in school, the child study team serves as a problem solving forum. The team works together in order to determine your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty. Your participation is very important. This is your opportunity to ask questions and provide critical information about your child. Members of the team will brainstorm in order to develop strategies and an action plan. Later the members will monitor, assess, and discuss the effectiveness of the implementation of the plan that was developed by the team. You have the right to ask questions and call additional meetings, if necessary. Team meeting notes will be taken and copies should be distributed to all members of the team. This documentation demonstrates that the school is providing your child with the legally required general education interventions. Team members vary depending on numerous factors. Often the general education teacher will be involved, as will a counselor, school psychologist, and/or an administrator. Teams may also include special education and related service providers. As the parent, you are an integral part of the team. While the school has the responsibility to invite you at a convenient time it is not absolutely required that you attend. It is however highly recommended as you have a wealth of information regarding your child’s preferred learning styles, health and educational history, behavior, personality traits, areas of difficulty, and strengths.

Typically a meeting is scheduled when there is a concern regarding behavior or academic performance. Anyone who works with a child may make this referral, frequently in written form. Often it is the classroom teacher who requests the meeting. As a parent you also have the right to request a meeting by contacting your child’s teacher or the school principal. Each team member may provide information and make suggestions. The team begins by discussing your child’s strengths and interests, information is shared, and specific concerns will be addressed. The team will review interventions that have already been implemented and how successful they have been. The team will then brainstorm possible additional interventions and will determine which strategies will be put into action. Team members will then be assigned tasks that they will help implement or research. A time-line will be determined by the team. There will be a follow up meeting in order to assess the successfulness of the strategies. The team may determine that sufficient progress has been noted and that testing for special education is not needed at this time. It may be determined that the team will reconvene in order to implement new strategies and monitor progress. If insufficient progress has been noted, a referral for special education assessment may be recommended in order to evaluate whether or not your child may have some type of learning disability.

The pre-referral process is one step in the special education process. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to collaborate with a team in order to insure that your child receive the most effective instruction designed to meet his or her unique needs. The process is most successful when it identifies and utilizes all available resources in order to appropriately support your child.

The administrator or designee supports the team by presenting the agenda, directing the meeting, answering questions, providing information, and offering support to you and other team members. The general education teacher provides up to date information regarding your child. They will listen to information, help to clarify concerns, and participate in the development of behavioral and academic interventions.

As the parent, you are a vital member of the team. Your presence at the meeting is invaluable as you will be asked to provide information pertaining to your child. These areas may include academic history, health and development, family matters, and social/emotional concerns. The information that you provide is confidential.

Having your child attend depends on the appropriateness and relevance to the meeting. Your child may share his/her own perspective regarding areas of difficulty and specific needs.

Special Education (SPED) support staff members may participate in both pre-referral and IEP meetings. During the pre-referral meetings, SPED and support staff members often participate due to their training and experience. Team members may include a school counselor, psychologist, nurse, speech pathologist, occupational and/or physical therapist, adapted physical education teacher, behavior specialists, and members from outside agencies. The team members may differ depending on the school but are available to provide information, answer questions, and gather resources that are designed to support your child. The gathering of information may include obtaining and reviewing records, consultations with you or staff members who work with your child, other teachers, and outside agencies. They may also observe your child in the classroom or outside on the playground. School support staff members make recommendations regarding strategies for designing and implementing interventions and modifications. SPED team members may also share information about eligibility, referrals, and documentation.

While the special education process differs from state to state, the procedures are designed to help you and your child receive the maximum benefit from the educational system. Please check with your school and district to find out more about the specific procedures followed in your state and remember that you are your child’s best advocate.

Note: There is a great deal of information available regarding special education resources and special needs education on the internet and in local bookstores.

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Make Career Flourishing With Adult Education Diploma

After high school, you need to take your career ahead with the help of an early childhood education courses Sydney you can elevate yourself to other teachers. This doesn’t mean that your study stops here. If you have the zeal to learn, you can always go back to your learning phase anytime with the help of adult education diploma. Many dreams of having a better designation along with a hefty salary package. For that you need to upskill yourself and only continuing education can help you.

Continuing education courses are quite popular globally and in the same way Singapore has also accepted the same. There are a number of training institutes which will give you the right kind of training, keeping the timing flexible. You can seek for a diploma course in your domain or you can shift to a completely different field with a help of a certificate within a short span of time.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind while choosing a course.

Make sure you enrol for a course that meets your requirements. You must assess yourself so that you can stick to a particular course and get the most out of it. Remember that nothing comes free of cost, so you will be investing money for the training and you must be serious with the decision. A good institution has counsellors who can help you the choice.

Singapore Government always tries to upskill their employees. In order to make it easy, the government allows a certain amount as credit in order to make the learning easy. If you are a citizen of Singapore, you can apply for SkillsFuture Programme and accelerate your career ahead.

In case of continuing education courses, you are free to choose anything. It can be full-time or part-time. Since, the courses stay flexible in nature, you don’t have to worry about the time management. The courses that come from a reputed institution can be accessed online. You can return home from office and learn your course, with the help of internet. The presentations and webinars are no way lesser than classroom lessons. You can interact with your mentors and training stays industry centric.

If you are willing to take up a course, you must attend the seminars and workshops. These are the places where you get hands-on-training according to the domain. Look for the eligibility before you enlist yourself for an advance course. The pre-requisites are important in order to know the subject in deep. From a degree to diploma course, you can expect the most. You must be wondering what are the things you learn in a simple programme? The answer to this is everything that you require to make the next leap. The teachers make you learn the things that the industry is looking for their future work. If you take the most out of these courses, you can surely prosper in the selected domain.

Try to go through reviews because make it easy for you while selecting an institute. You get access to state-of-the-art infrastructure if you are learning from the right place.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site by SEO Services

Instigating traffic influx is something that every newly launched website struggles with. After all, this traffic influx never comes easy as the website in its nascent stages remains an anonymous entity and struggles to launch something that might trigger the traffic inflow. SEO consultant Sydney are dedicated to this cause and ensure that through their influence, traffic invariably starts flowing into the website without any further fretting. Every SEO Firm providing Outsourcing SEO Sydney services ensures that this happens well and through the best of methods and practices.

SEO has a very unique way of working. It works on all those forums where the reader and viewer base is high and goes about doing some belligerent and hard hitting promotional tactics. These tactics include diverse link building, content rewriting, website redesigning, social bookmarking and meta-tagging. All of them get done well by the SEO firm that Provides Outsourcing SEO Services Sydney.

These are certain very powerful features through which traffic influx gets triggered. They are organic tactics employed by service providers as people over the web identify with them and the way they are disbursed. The message they convey is understood well and the credit for this goes solely to SEO. The process makes people aware about the way things happen and creates a window for web users to come and visit the website so that an impact is made well.

The website takes the surge towards the higher echelons of the search rankings. The momentum in that surge is continued well through all the latest novel features that are brought into the barrack and disbursed. This shift in strategy adds a lot of shock value to the campaign and viewers get to see something different all the time.

Hence, it becomes evident that the user is able to empathize with the website and relate with it, which further prompts a decision of it going to the next level. The newness in the website is a big reason as to why the traffic keeps flowing in and also a reason behind it doing exceptionally well.

SEO is a concoction of many features. These features work all over the web and are a great playmaker. Since Google has started using its latest indexing feature, the Caffeine, it has become even more important for website promoters to ensure that the website is optimized well. These are certain ways of driving the traffic and ensuring that traffic keeps pouring in large numbers and makes the effect that it should.

SEO Sydney has a very strong influence over the search engine. Organic SEO methods are a great way of pulling in traffic and have that effect over the web. It comes down strongly to the way in which the methods get implemented and the places where they get deployed. These services have a very mystical and enigmatic quality about them which makes their case very strong. This strength takes the website places and makes it a strong contender over the web.

Complications During Pregnancy

For as long as you clean and disinfect things that people touch a lot, like phones, doorknobs, and counters pregnancy and covid-19 has no issues in it. Any woman who has ever had a baby will tell you that her worst nightmare while she was expecting was pregnancy complications. Fortunately, for most women the nine months from conception to birth pass by fairly smoothly, but in some cases difficulties or issues will arise. But before you start panicking, remember that most of these problems are easily solved, while others may make this time a little more inconvenient or unpleasant, but there will still be a healthy baby at the end. And yes, there are those times when these complications can result in a still-birth or a miscarriage, but this does not have to be the inevitable outcome or a constant source of worry throughout.

Monitoring the Stages of Pregnancy

One of the best ways to head off complications during pregnancy is to follow the old adage, “Prevention is better than cure” Register with a good prenatal clinic near your home, and go for regular checkups.

Many places have free or subsidised prenatal testing, provided by their public health service. Find out the rules and procedures where you live and where to get the best access to competent health professionals.

Once you have registered at the clinic or with the healthcare provider of your choice, you will take regular blood tests, urine tests, and do ultrasounds at various points. Your weight gain will also be monitored, as well as changes in the shape of the uterus as your baby develops. Additionally, you will be offered the choice of taking various prenatal genetic tests, depending on your age and other individual factors. At various points, the doctor will do a sonogram, listening to your baby’s heartbeat.

By doing all of these tests, you are most likely to head off any potential trouble at the earliest stages. At the same time, you will feel reassured whenever the doctor tells you that everything is developing nicely and that you are having a healthy pregnancy. You will also have a reliable place to ask all of your pregnancy questions.

Below are some of the complications that you are being tested for and are seeking to avoid:

  • Anaemia – This is insufficient iron in the blood to deal with the growing number of red blood cells that appear in the body while you are expecting. If you are anaemic, you will feel weak and constantly exhausted. You may also lose far more blood during the birth and can become less resistant to infection.
  • Gestational Diabetes – Some women find that they develop diabetes in pregnancy. If they have never had diabetes before, chances are that it will go away after the baby is born. Nonetheless, this is a condition that must be watched because it can make the baby grow too large, possibly necessitating a Caesarean section, or it can put the baby at higher risk of jaundice. Most clinics will test your glucose and sugar levels at various points to find out if you are developing gestational diabetes. The good news is that this condition can be controlled with the help and vigilance of your healthcare provider.
  • Preeclampsia – Preeclampsia is an unusual condition due to which the mother develops high blood pressure, water retention, and protein in the urine. Very occasionally, preeclampsia leads to seizures and can even have fatal consequences for both mother and child. For this reason, you will be tested several times over the coming months for protein levels in your urine. It most usually develops towards the end, from about 20 weeks on, and is more common in the first pregnancy than in later ones.

There are various types of preeclampsia, and in some cases the baby has to be induced, even if this means a preterm birth. However, treatment does not always have to be this radical, and if caught early enough preeclampsia can be treated through bed rest, changing the diet, avoiding stress, or having to go into hospital for a while. If you experience high blood pressure, dizziness, sudden swelling in the wrists or ankles, headaches, and disturbances in your vision, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare professional.

Constantly monitoring your blood pressure and protein testing will go a long way to helping you catch this condition before it spirals out of hand. Do not stress about it. Just do the relevant tests and don’t worry about it unless there is a reason to do so.

Unforeseen Problems – Pregnancy Bleeding

Apart from the complications that you are screened for, sometimes certain things may arise unexpectedly. For example, as you are well aware, one of the first pregnancy symptoms is missing a period. In theory, you will not see any blood from then on until you actually give birth. So what do you do if you find that you are bleeding during pregnancy? What does this mean?

In very early pregnancy, you might have a tiny bit of spotting due to a partially repressed period. At that stage, your hormones might not have caught up with your new state and you will still have a very scanty period. This, however, is quite rare. Sometimes, bleeding is caused by a cervical erosion, which when the cervix is inflamed and sore. This can be for a variety of reasons, from venereal disease to a reaction to the previous use of an IUD.

On the other hand, bleeding can also be the first sign of a miscarriage. Is the blood heavy? Is it red, indicating that it is fresh, or brown, showing that it is old and possibly from another source? Do you feel cramps or pain with it? When and how did it start?

Sometimes, bleeding can be a sign of placenta previa, when the placenta moves to cover all or part of the cervix. Depending on the extent and type of previa, it can also be diagnosed before any bleeding occurs. In this case, the woman is often put on bed rest and told to refrain from sexual intercourse until the situation resolves itself. If there is bleeding, the situation is more complex and sometimes, depending on various factors, the baby is delivered with an emergency Caesarean section, or the woman may have to remain on bed rest until the end of the pregnancy. In this situation, constant blood transfusions and certain injections may be given until the mother can deliver. Placenta previa is even more serious if it occurs at term, as it can cause various complications for the baby.

In light of everything written above, it is important to remember that you should never ignore pregnancy bleeding and just assume that everything will be all right. If there is even just a little bit of blood, you should contact your healthcare provider as soon as you can. And if the clinic is closed, or you are experiencing heavy bleeding and cramps, don’t wait around. Get to the nearest emergency room and find out exactly what is going on. Only a medical professional is really qualified to tell you what is going on and what can be done.

Expecting the Unexpected – Twin Pregnancy Complications

Carrying twins does not exactly fall into the same category as bleeding or preeclampsia. There is actually nothing more delightful than the birth of an extra, healthy baby. However, a twin pregnancy definitely has more risks associated with it than a regular singleton birth. First of all, you will feel far more uncomfortable and heavy while you are expecting. All the hormones are more in evidence, so you may experience stronger pregnancy signs, as well as more intense varicose veins and back pain, both of which can feel a lot worse especially towards the end because you will also be carrying extra weight. Obviously, you will feel more tired for the same reason and will need more rest.

But discomfort is not the only problem here. Multiples are higher risk pregnancies. For example, the risk of miscarriage is higher. There is even the phenomenon of “vanishing twin syndrome,” when one twin is lost and reabsorbed into the mother’s body without any outward signs of loss beyond an empty sac or a disappearing foetus on an ultrasound image.

Due to overcrowding in the womb, you are also far more at risk of preterm labour. The babies effectively almost push each other out. Around 70% of twins are delivered before the 38th week, though usually after the 28th week.

Another syndrome to watch out for is preeclampsia (see above), which has a higher incidence among women carrying twins or multiples. For this reason, such women are monitored more closely and are constantly tested for high blood pressure and protein levels in the urine.

If you are expecting twins, don’t allow these potential complications to worry you. All you need to do is do the necessary tests, pay close attention to your diet and general health and make sure that you never get dehydrated. It is also vitally important that you rest enough and do not allow yourself to get too stressed. Obviously, if you see or feel anything that is worrying you or seems unusual, you must not wait around. Consult with your healthcare professional immediately.

Preterm Labour – What is It and What Do You Do?

One of the complications in pregnancy that many women dread is preterm labour, which refers to going into labour before the 38th week. There are various reasons why a woman may go into labour too early. For example, she may have an incompetent cervix, which means that her cervix will not support the baby till the very end of the pregnancy. This kind of complication can be foreseen and may mean that the mother has to go on bed rest either at home or in hospital until it is safe enough for her to deliver the baby, or her cervix may be given a stitch that is only removed during labour.

Other reasons for preterm labour are various types of infections, placenta problems, too much physical work, various structural problems with the uterus and/or cervix, and more. Some of these reasons are unforeseen, so you should be alert for any possible signs of early labour.

If you feel certain symptoms, like steady contractions before they are supposed to happen, vaginal bleeding, severe cramping in the pelvic area that is different from anything you have felt until now, intense pelvic pressure, severe pain when you urinate, or a sudden, unexpected gush of clear water, get medical assistance right away.

A Word of Reassurance

While it is important to know about various complications with pregnancy, it is also vital to be relaxed while you are expecting. For some reason, people often like to share their horror stories with you almost as soon as they find out that you have conceived. But while it may be fun to spread the word about the “miracle birth” and “how I nearly died,” this can be terrible source of worry for an expectant mother.

The most important thing to do is make sure that you are as healthy as possible before conception and during the months afterwards. Always do the necessary testing and never miss checkups, as they are a vital part of monitoring a healthy pregnancy and your preparation for birth. The rest is not in your hands. Therefore, you should always be alert, but not obsessed. Think how many women around the world conceive and deliver babies without any pregnancy complications at all.

If you would like to find out more information on early pregnancy complications visit Newborn Baby. We offer help and advise to parents on ectopic pregnancy symptoms as well as free help from our expert panel.

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5 Reasons To Focus on Inner Thigh Exercises With Your Pilates and Fitness Workouts

If I asked you to “name the parts of your legs,” what would you list? Quads? Hamstrings? Calves? Shins? Feet? Ankles? Did I miss anything? Dynamic Pilates Manly have also leg exercise.

What about your inner thighs? When was the last time you put a little focus on working the muscles of your upper, inner thighs? For healthy movement habits a body in balance needs the benefit of strong, fit, and flexible inner thigh muscles. How much love and attention are you giving your whole leg? (Inner thighs included.)

Every muscle in our body needs to have an adequate amount of both strength and flexibility to function well. When we think about targeting the thighs most of the attention gets placed on the Quads (along the front of the thigh), and the Hamstrings (along the back of the thigh) since these two muscles groups are needed to bend and straighten the knee and help us stand up, sit down, climb stairs, etc…

And from there it’s usually, “I want to tone my hips.” Or “I want a better looking, tighter behind.” So we start focusing on exercises to work the Glutes and outer thighs, and sometimes forget completely about the value of the all-important, sexy upper inner thighs!

When I work with new clients I am surprised how little muscle activity is happening with these muscles! For many people the inner thigh muscles are both weak and tight (yes, it’s possible) which can result in restricted hip mobility, tight hamstrings, poor leg alignment and additional stress (wear-and-tear, pressure, and pain) at the knee joints. And if the knees don’t hurt, there’s a really good chance that the lower back does!

Above and/or below weak, tight, inner thighs there is increased risk for pain or injury. Think you’ve been training your inner thighs… I find that many clients, rather than engaging the full length of the muscle initiating from where the leg meets the body, the tendency is to squeeze the legs together starting at the knees which only places more stress on the already stressed-out knee joints.

Whether you do Pilates, Yoga, walk, run, play sports, lift weights or just want to stay safe and healthy for your daily life activities, here are five reasons to find, feel, and focus on stretching and strengthening the inner thigh muscles (Adductor Muscles).

1. IMPROVE BALANCE – The inner thighs are an important part of the leg to help maintain balance when standing and walking. As we age, there is a tendency to stand and walk with a wider stride thinking that this is helping our balance. But this “wider” stance only further weakens the inner thighs, and makes us less stable. Maintaining strong inner things so it’s easy to stand and walk with your legs closer together will help keep you more on-center to enjoy better balance.

2. HEALTHY HIP MECHANICS – The inner thighs stabilize the leg as it swings forward and backwards for a healthy stride to walk and run. They also are critical for support and movement for lateral (side-to-side) movement. Sports like basketball, tennis, racquetball and horseback riding would be impossible without strong inner thighs.

3. PAIN-FREE KNEES – The balance of support between the inner thighs and outer hip muscles is what stabilizes the leg for healthy, pain-free movement at the knee. The knee joint can only flex and extend, but the leg can move in all directions from the hip. Without adequate support on the inside and outside of the thigh the risk of a medial or lateral knee injury (pain) may increase.

4. BETTER ANKLE MOBILITY – Do you have stiff ankles, tight calves, heel pain… a contributing factor can be what’s happening at the other end of the leg. Your inner thighs are every bit as important as what is happening at your feet. The inner thigh muscles contribute to how you stand – rolling in or out at the ankle. With the right amount of both support and flexibility at the hip-end of the leg with the inner thighs, you can help improve posture, reduce foot pain and keep your ankles healthy with better mobility to avoid sprains & strains, Achilles tendonitis and other debilitating foot, knee and hip problems.

5. ENJOY MORE CORE SUPPORT – Of course your inner thighs aren’t a part of your core… BUT, what they do, or don’t do, can dramatically affect how well you are able to maintain good posture and enjoy healthy movement habits. For a strong well-lifted core, good inner thigh support along with proper pelvic floor function is an important foundation for hip placement and a healthy, well-aligned spine.

Just knowing that your inner thighs should be working won’t make them turn on and start working correctly… It will take intentional focus to improve your mind-body connection, deliberate muscle engagement, and purposeful fine-tuning of your movements habits during exercise and daily life activities to activate the inner thighs for proper support.

Understanding how to use the inner thighs properly along with how they relate to the rest of the body to improve balance, healthy hip mechanics, pain-free knees, better ankle mobility and more core support is a part of the process of retraining your body for better health. When you understand the value of better body mechanics you are one step closer to better health.

What are your inner thighs doing for you? Helping you stay strong, healthy, and on-balance? Or are you feeling challenged to stand upright, find it difficult to balance easily on one leg, or are battling to maintain your good health and are struggling with foot, knee, hip, or back pain?

What can YOU do to take action and start incorporating the right inner thigh exercises into your weekly workouts to re-train your body for better posture and develop healthy movement habits?

Is it time for you to find, feel, and focus on your inner thighs?

Aliesa George, PMA-CPT is the founder of Centerworks® and creator of the Healthy Movement Habits™ Training and Mentorship programs. For more than 20 years, Aliesa has been helping her clients improve their mind-body connection for better strength, flexibility, and fitness for an active, injury-free lifestyle. Good health doesn’t happen by accident! To improve health & fitness it takes the right action to get the right results. Aliesa has helped transform thousands of lives by sharing her expertise, tips, techniques, and wellness success strategies through her online courses, live events & training programs, books, products, and educational learning resources. Specializing in foot-fitness, functional movement, and Pilates she assists clients in integrating her Intentional Movement Training Systems™ strategies for whole body health through the development of healthy movement habits into everything from sports, fitness, and daily life activities. Register NOW to receive the bi-monthly Centerworks Wellness Success eNews packed with articles, tips, and information to keep you healthy from your head to your toes!

Are you ready to fine-tune your fitness to look good and feel great? How’s your posture affecting your health? Take the Quick Posture Quiz ( ) on the home page to learn more about your current posture and health habits.

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6 Whiteboard Animation Questions Answered

I’m sure you’ve noticed the growth in so-called ‘whiteboard animation’ videos on the Internet. Storyboard artist Sydney employs three rendering steps to increase the flexibility of retrieved images, which include erasing irrelevant regions, unifying styles of images and substituting consistent characters.

You know. The ones where an artist’s hand is seen to sketch out text and images in double-quick time to illustrate the message the video is trying to get across.

And I’m sure, like most people, you find this type of video very entertaining to watch and maybe you’re curious as to how they are made and would like to know whether you could make them too.

In this article, I will answer some of the most common questions about whiteboard animation videos and demonstrate that they are far easier to create than you probably imagine.

Are you ready? Then let’s dive in.

1. Why should you use video?

We’ll start at Square One. If you are trying to get a message across, whether to sell something, educate people or just to entertain, why choose video over other formats?

There are at least three good reasons.

Firstly, video is the most accessible, immediate and compelling medium around at the moment. We are all used to watching TV or film and digesting content in the form of moving images. We associate it with being entertained and we like to be entertained.

In other words, people are more likely to stick with a video until the end than they are with pure text or text and images.

Second, the Internet loves video. People will share entertaining or informative video content through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, with a readiness not found with other formats. (When did you last hear of a printed document ‘going viral’?)

And Google loves video. Do a search on almost any subject and you will find a good crop of videos appearing prominently. It has been amply demonstrated that, all else being equal, a video will rank higher and more quickly than the same content in another form will.

Third, if you create a video, you have the means to easily adapt it to present the same information in other formats. You can strip off the audio to create something people can listen to and have that audio transcribed to have something people can read.

2. Why should you use whiteboard animation videos?

In simple terms, whiteboard animation videos have all of the plus points of other videos, but much more so.

First, there is always something happening on screen to keep the viewer engaged and interested.

Second, most of us have been brought up on cartoons and the element of animation creates a powerful subconscious draw. It brings the kid out in us.

Third, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Carefully chosen images in a whiteboard animation can engage with viewers on an emotional level that simple words cannot. The fact that those images are moving only adds to the engagement.

For all of these reasons, whiteboard animation videos have been shown to be significantly more effective at getting a message across than other video formats. And that is particularly true of sales messages.

3. Why else should you use whiteboard animation videos?

Still not convinced? Then here’s the decider.

Yes, whiteboard animation videos are entertaining and informative but they are also a whole lot more fun to watch than dry wordy PowerPoint presentations.

Which would you rather sit down and watch (and pay attention to) – a serious public information film or an episode of the Road Runner trashing Wile E Coyote (yet again)?

That is an extreme example but you get the point. We are going to be much more ready to digest information if we are having even a little bit of fun along the way.

In other words, we learn better when we are being entertained.

But that is not all. Having to break information down into a form where it can be demonstrated with simple sketch images and short text snippets forces whoever is making the video to present even complex concepts in an accessible manner.

4. How do you make whiteboard animation videos?

Not so long ago, it used to be very hard or very expensive to create whiteboard animation.

You literally had to get a graphic artist to draw the images and text you wanted to use in your video and then film them doing it in ‘real time’.

You then had to use some clever technology and editing skills to speed up the footage you had taken and make it synchronise with the message you were trying to get across.

If you were not gifted with the whole range of expertise required to do this for yourself, you had to employ some very expensive professionals to do it for you.

And that did not come cheap.

That is why almost all of the early whiteboard animation videos that hit the Internet streets came from big businesses with deep pockets.

Fortunately for the rest of us, that has now all changed.

There is now ‘off-the-shelf’ software that automates the process of creating whiteboard animation.

In simple terms, you just select the images and text you want to use, specify how you want them to be animated and let the software do the rest.

5. How does whiteboard animation software work?

The first thing you will need to do is write down the key points you want to convey in your video.

Next, you develop your outline into a ‘script’. How detailed this is will depend on how good you are at ad-libbing.

(If your video is not going to have a voiced narrative, you will, of course, miss out this step.)

You then use your script to create a rough ‘storyboard’. This will indicate the type of images and text you want to use to illustrate each of your points.

Text is easy because the software will provide a text-editing tool, much like a standard word processor. You will just select the font, color, etc you want to use.

Images may be a little more difficult. The software will come with a built-in image library and you may be able to find most (or even all) of what you need there.

If not, you can pay a few dollars to acquire royalty-free images from online stock image libraries. Or, if you have particularly specialized needs, you can always pay someone on websites like to create tailored images for you.

You now fire up the software and you are ready to roll.

If you have a narrative, you can record that inside the software or import an audio file you created elsewhere.

Then it’s just a case of adding the images and text to the virtual whiteboard in the order you want them to appear. You will be able to specify the animation effect you want to use to introduce each image or text, how long you want it to take and whether you want it to stick around or disappear.

If you have a narrative, you will need to play around with timings to make sure what happens on screen dovetails with what is being said.

When you have finished, you hit ‘create video’ and job done.

Your new whiteboard animation video is now ready to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, your website or wherever else you want to place it.

6. Should you be using whiteboard animation?

Yes! All else being equal, whiteboard animation videos are going to out-perform run-of-the-mill videos in a whole array of applications.

They have been shown to be more effective at selling, training, presenting and entertaining.

And with very affordable software now on the market to automate the process of creating whiteboard animation, there is no longer any excuse for not using this powerful medium in your online activities.

This is especially true if you aren’t the most polished presenter out there. Whiteboard animation carries a highly perceived value because it looks slick and professional and few people realise that it can now be produced cost-effectively.

And here is another reason to use whiteboard animation. It is a whole lot of fun!

When you start enjoying the video production process, not only will it stop feeling so much of a ‘chore’, that enjoyment will also come across in your finished product, making it even more effective at getting your message across.

The bottom line is that whiteboard animation is a new and exciting medium that has the potential to significantly boost your online activities.

Once the preserve of big business, software now makes whiteboard animation accessible to all. So isn’t it time you used it to get your message across in a fresh and compelling way?

If you want to find out more about using whiteboard animation in your business, visit

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Wages Possibilities in the Field of Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education captures the education of the children aged up to eight from the moment of birth. If your family is a business owner you should choose a management courses Sydney.

Under the condition of parents’ being busy all the time and spending little time with their kids early education is developing as an area, becoming more successful than regular traditional studies. There has appeared a certain tendency in the families recently. In more and more families now both of the parents are employed. At the same time early child education has been developing for this time bit by bit. The field of An Early Childhood Education (ECE) can be valuable for you if you are eager to obtain career in this area.

Frankly speaking it is one of those careers not numerous nowadays that bring you work on the development and education of children of this age. You may assist them in learning about anything in the world doing this efficaciously.

Due to the fact that parents can’t spend much time with their children early education education is becoming more and more popular every day.
Different educating schools provide early childhood education programs now, they appear and become successful very quickly. Having a good experience or obtaining a bachelor’s degree in this field will bring you wonderful unstressed career. There is a huge range of options for you if you pursued a degree in ECE, you can work in various educational establishments – preschools, day-care centers, child services, elementary schools, health care facilities and community centers etc.

Typical wages got on these and other position range from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. It should be marked that wages in ECE field can be different for the same position in if compared in diverse cities, states and even schools in United States. Preschool teacher in such parts of the country as California and Massachusetts earns in average just over $12 per hour.

At the same time such locations as Texas, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina can offer you only about $10 per hour for the same position. Due to the recent studies fulfilled by independent research institution we know that the highest payment for early childhood education can be found in New York City and Los Angeles where teachers get over $30,000 per year.

Compare it to

Phoenix and Atlanta where the same job will bring over $22,000 for the teacher. What should be payed attention is the type of the degree you have. It influences the size of childhood education salary greatly. Typical wages for a graduate with a bachelor degree ranges between $22,000 and $30,000 per year.

Master’s degree in early childhood education providing you with a possibility to get administrative positions will bring you from $38,000 to $56,000. There is also a difference what type of job you have – in a day-care center, preschool, or grade school. Here you can get wages from $22,430 to $38,290 per year. The salaries for teachers in early childhood education are believed to grow in the next several years.

Thus, the average rate will be bigger. Raising job prospects and proportions in this field in the average wages will lead to the increase of a number of educators in the following several years in the USA too.

Outsourced Vs In House SEO

Internet Marketing is growing by the day and so SEO consultant Sydney is again on demand. In such a situation, it is not enough for a business to have just a website. It is important for this website to be visible to the users and appear in search results when users search for related keywords. With so many companies and websites selling the same products or services as your business, how do you make sure that you get noticed and get more business?

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into picture. Many companies are incorporating SEO into their marketing strategies. This raises one more question. Is In-House SEO better or should you Outsource the SEO of your website to an agency? What are the pros and cons of getting the SEO of your website done In-House as compared to outsourcing your SEO needs? Both In-House SEO and Outsourcing SEO have its pros and cons. Each company needs to look into both these models and then decide based on their needs.

Pros of In-House SEO

1. An In-House SEO expert will know your business well and hence will understand the nuances of company and its challenges as well.

2. Doing your SEO In-House gives you complete control over the strategies and their execution. The SEO expert can be contacted immediately for any changes since he sits in the same office as the other members of the company.

3. The In-House SEO expert works only on your website and not on any other websites. This means that the expert can give full attention to your site and can work on improving the rankings of your website.

4. Sometimes In-House SEO is lesser expensive that Outsourced SEO agencies.

In-House SEO Cons

1. SEO is a rapidly changing field. The algorithms of search engines keep changing. One needs to always be updated with the changes. The skills in SEO also keep changing. If you decide to do the SEO of your site In-House, then you need to spend time and sometimes money to learn the new aspects of SEO and keep yourself updated with the changes.

2. It may be time consuming if you have to keep up to the trends of the business. And it is important to keep with the trends of the business if you choose to do your SEO In-House. You will also have to pay attention to the overall marketing of your website and may not find the time to update yourself with the latest in SEO. This can result in outdated SEO practices which can further affect your sites ranking.

3. SEO requires a number of tools. If you choose to do your SEO In-House, then you need to buy these tools. This can be very expensive. Just having these tools is not enough. You also need to learn how to use them which can further take up a lot of your time.

Outsourced SEO Pros

1. The biggest advantage of outsourcing your SEO needs to an agency is that you get the expertise of an entire team of SEO experts who will work on your website. Since, it is a team that only works on SEO projects, they will be up to date with the latest trends in business and hence you do not have to spend time or money in getting yourself familiar with these trends. The team will create SEO strategies for your business keeping these trends in mind.

2. SEO agencies work with a large number of clients. The advantage of this is that they have the experience of working on different kinds of businesses and understand their needs better. This wide perspective can be a big advantage in getting visibility on the web.

3. If you outsource SEO to an agency, you don’t have to spend time, effort and money on hiring an In-House SEO team, training and tools.

4. The outsourced SEO agency will not be affected by the pressures of other aspects of marketing your business and can concentrate only on the SEO of your website.

5. Outsourcing SEO means faster execution of tasks since you get a team of people working on your website as opposed to one or two in-house experts.

Outsourced SEO Cons

1. Outsourcing SEO may require you to sometimes invest a little more money than you would if you were to do the SEO of your website in-house by yourself.

2. If you outsource the SEO of your website to an agency, then they would need sometime to get to know your business and the way you work. This would take up sometime till the agency gets used to working with your company.

3. Since the agency will be handling more than just your website, you cannot be sure of the time and focus that the agency will be giving your website. You may have to constantly keep checking on the work done and on the progress of your site.

4. Some of the SEO agencies may use cheap tool based SEO or black hat SEO techniques to get the results that they promise their clients. You may have to be involved with the agency’s work to make sure such techniques are not being used for your website.

Anita Seol is a staff writer for VTechSEO. Outsource SEO to a leading SEO outsourcing firm in India and USA.

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