Making A Career As A Storyboard Artist

When you earn a degree in animation, you will find that there are many exciting job opportunities available to you – like becoming a storyboard artist. Have you ever wondered how to parlay your love of art in to a career in the entertainment industry? Storyboard artists are key players when it comes to making commercials and even major motion pictures. People who have worked in the advertising industry, as art directors also make great storyboard artists for television commercials. Dean Mortensen formerly of George Patterson Young & Rubicam in Sydney, has decided to do just that, after a long and successful career as an art director, that is namely to move out on his own as a Sydney storyboard artist.

What does a storyboard artist do?

A storyboard artist handles the work that starts off an animated production, a feature film or a TVC. Storyboard artists visually interpret scripts and illustrate narratives and demonstrate action. When they prepare the storyboards for production, they include indications of dialogue, character performance and camera moves. These artists use direction from the production director and technical knowledge to set up shots and angles that will be animated.

Necessary Skills

Storyboard artists must be able to tell a good story. Working in this field requires and understanding of layout, composition, and sequential drawing. You generally work independently, or sometimes as part of a team. Editing and re-editing is a big part of the work that you do. You will need to be able to take direction from others.

Training and Qualifications

This career uses the creative talents of the artist and the direction knowledge gotten from the animation degree program. Most storyboard artists have degrees in fine art or animation. Professionals in this field also have to have a basic understanding of film theory.

Although you have earned your degree in fine art or animation, you will need to work your way up to storyboard artist. You will most likely have to move up the ranks of the animation studio for which you work.

The median salary for this career is $60,000 per year. Those who consistently work in geographic locations near the film industry will expect to earn even more.

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When The Dorm Springs A Leak – Call A Plumber

One of the things many students get wrong, and it has nothing to do with exams – failing to call in the professionals when they are needed.

In the event of someone breaking a toilet, a gas leak, broken tap in the bathroom – there really is no alternative that is going to save your neck in the campus dorm.

When a flooding disaster like this happens, you really need to pick up the phone and dial for Service Heroes – they are just a call away and you may think you have it under control and everything will be sweet but no it will not.

Only a professional who is certified and qualified is capable of fixing common household plumbing problems. In the case of a gas leak, you don’t want to find out that there is a problem like this when you have your dorm buddies over for a bbq and there are naked flames dancing about the room. No I am not referring to a former GF but an actual live flame that could spell disaster if there were a real gas leak. When problems like this arise you need an expert who can use pro-techniques to determine exactly where the leak is emanating from. The leak detection experts are who you need to call immediately.

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Unlocking Value: The Significance of Engaging an Investor Relations Agency

In the dynamic landscape of modern finance, where market sentiments can shift in an instant and investor perceptions hold considerable sway over a company’s valuation, the role of strategic communications cannot be underestimated. Investor relations, a subset of strategic communications, plays a pivotal role in shaping how a company is perceived by the investment community. In this article, we delve into the significance of engaging an investor relations agency and how it can unlock substantial value for businesses.

Understanding Investor Relations

Investor relations (IR) is a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing, and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies. The primary goal of IR is to foster transparency, build trust, and maintain positive relationships with shareholders, analysts, and potential investors.

The Complexities of Investor Communications

Effective investor relations require a nuanced understanding of financial markets, regulatory requirements, and stakeholder expectations. It involves not only disseminating financial information but also articulating the company’s strategic vision, growth prospects, and risk management strategies in a clear and compelling manner. Furthermore, in today’s digital age, where information travels at the speed of light, companies must be proactive in managing their online presence and addressing investor inquiries promptly.

The Role of an Investor Relations Agency

Given the multifaceted nature of investor communications, many companies choose to engage the services of a specialized investor relations agency. These agencies bring a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to the table, helping companies navigate the complexities of the capital markets and maximize shareholder value. From crafting investor presentations to organizing roadshows and earnings calls, an investor relations agency serves as a strategic partner in helping companies achieve their financial objectives.

Driving Strategic Communications

At the heart of investor relations lies strategic communications. A well-crafted communication strategy is essential for maintaining investor confidence and attracting new capital. An investor relations agency leverages a variety of channels, including press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and social media, to ensure that the company’s message reaches the right audience at the right time. By aligning messaging with corporate objectives and market trends, these agencies help companies build credibility and trust with investors, ultimately enhancing shareholder value.

Tailored Solutions for Every Company

One of the key benefits of engaging an investor relations agency is the ability to access tailored solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of each company. Whether it’s a small-cap startup looking to raise capital or a multinational corporation seeking to expand its investor base, an experienced investor relations agency can develop a customized communication strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. By leveraging their network of contacts and industry insights, these agencies can help companies navigate the capital markets with confidence and precision.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance

In addition to managing investor communications, investor relations agencies also play a crucial role in ensuring regulatory compliance. From filing periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to complying with listing requirements on stock exchanges, companies must adhere to a myriad of regulatory obligations. An investor relations agency helps companies navigate this complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that they remain in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


In conclusion, the significance of engaging an investor relations agency cannot be overstated. From driving strategic communications to navigating regulatory compliance, these agencies play a critical role in helping companies achieve their financial objectives and unlock long-term value for shareholders. As the capital markets continue to evolve, companies must recognize the importance of effective investor relations and invest in building strong, transparent relationships with the investment community. By doing so, they can position themselves for sustainable growth and success in an increasingly competitive business environment. Visit website to check on how do we engage in investors.

Exploring the Ultimate Car Paint Protection Packages

Your car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a reflection of your personality and style. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets of Sydney or embarking on an adventurous road trip, keeping your vehicle looking its best is essential. That’s where car paint protection packages come into play, offering a range of solutions to preserve the beauty and integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork.

In the bustling metropolis of Sydney, where urban environments and coastal breezes can take their toll on car exteriors, investing in a quality paint protection package is a wise decision for any car owner. These packages provide a barrier against environmental contaminants, UV rays, bird droppings, and other hazards that can cause paint damage over time.

One of the most popular options for Sydney car owners is ceramic coating. This innovative technology forms a durable, transparent layer over the paint surface, effectively sealing it from external aggressors. Unlike traditional waxing, ceramic coatings provide long-lasting protection, often lasting up to several years with proper maintenance. The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings also make cleaning a breeze, as water and dirt bead off the surface effortlessly.

For those seeking comprehensive protection, paint protection film (PPF) is another excellent choice. This clear, self-healing film is applied to vulnerable areas of the car, such as the front bumper, hood, and side mirrors, to shield them from chips, scratches, and road debris. With advancements in PPF technology, modern films offer high optical clarity, ensuring that your car’s paint color remains vibrant and unchanged.

In addition to ceramic coatings and paint protection film, many car detailing shops in Sydney offer tailored packages that combine multiple protective measures for maximum effectiveness. These packages may include services such as paint correction, which removes imperfections such as swirl marks and scratches before applying the protective coating, ensuring a flawless finish.

When selecting a car paint protection package in Sydney, it’s essential to choose a reputable detailing shop with experienced technicians and premium-quality products. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers can provide valuable insights into the level of service and results you can expect.

Once you’ve chosen the right package for your needs, proper maintenance is key to preserving its benefits. Regular washing using pH-neutral car shampoos and microfiber wash mitts helps to prevent the buildup of dirt and contaminants on the protected surface. Additionally, periodic maintenance treatments, such as top-up coatings or PPF inspections, can ensure that your car’s protection remains intact over time.

Beyond protection, investing in a car paint protection package can also enhance the resale value of your vehicle. A well-maintained exterior not only looks more attractive to potential buyers but also signals that the car has been cared for and protected from environmental damage.

In conclusion, exploring the ultimate Sydney car paint protection packages is a smart investment for any car owner looking to preserve the beauty and value of their vehicle. Whether you opt for ceramic coatings, paint protection film, or a combination of both, these innovative solutions offer long-lasting protection against the elements, keeping your car looking showroom-worthy for years to come. So why wait? Treat your ride to the protection it deserves and enjoy peace of mind on every drive through the stunning streets of Sydney.

Elevating Your Home with Custom Mirrors in Unexpected Spaces

When it comes to home décor, mirrors are often relegated to functional spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. However, savvy homeowners are discovering the transformative power of custom mirrors in unexpected areas of the home. From kitchens to hallways, incorporating bespoke mirrors into unconventional spaces can elevate your interior design to new heights, adding depth, style, and sophistication.

Expanding Horizons: Custom Mirrors in the Kitchen

Traditionally, kitchens have been spaces focused on functionality rather than aesthetics. However, with the rise of open-concept living and entertaining, the kitchen has become a central hub for social gatherings. Custom mirrors offer a unique opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen while maximizing space and light.

Strategically placed custom mirrors can create the illusion of a larger, more expansive kitchen, particularly in smaller or galley-style layouts. Reflecting natural light from windows or pendant lighting fixtures can brighten the space, making it feel airy and inviting. Additionally, mirrors can be used to highlight architectural details, such as backsplashes or feature walls, adding visual interest and depth to the room.

Incorporating custom mirrors into kitchen cabinetry is another innovative way to enhance the design of your culinary space. Mirrored cabinet doors can visually double the size of the room while providing a stylish storage solution for cookware and utensils. Choose bespoke mirrors with custom finishes and framing to complement your kitchen’s aesthetic, whether it’s sleek and modern or rustic and eclectic.

Hallway Illusions: Creating Depth with Custom Mirrors

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to interior design, seen as transitional spaces rather than focal points. However, custom mirrors can transform even the narrowest of hallways into stunning gallery-like passages, adding depth, drama, and personality to your home.

Mirrors strategically placed along hallway walls can create the illusion of infinite space, making even the smallest corridor feel grand and spacious. Consider incorporating custom mirrors with decorative frames or unique shapes to add visual interest and reflect your personal style.

For homes with limited natural light, mirrors can also help brighten dark hallways by bouncing light from adjacent rooms or windows. Choose custom mirrors with high-quality reflective surfaces and opt for larger sizes to maximize their impact.

Unexpected Accents: Custom Mirrors in Unconventional Spaces

While bathrooms and bedrooms may be the most common places to find mirrors in the home, there are countless other areas where custom mirrors can make a statement. Consider incorporating mirrors into unexpected spaces such as home offices, dining rooms, or even outdoor patios to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

In home offices, custom mirrors can create a sense of openness and clarity, making the space feel larger and more conducive to productivity. Mirrored accent walls or framed mirrors above desks can reflect natural light and beautiful views, creating an inspiring environment for work or study.

In dining rooms, custom mirrors can enhance the ambiance of formal dinner parties or casual gatherings with friends and family. Mirrored buffet tables or sideboards can add glamour and sophistication to your entertaining space, while mirrored backsplashes or feature walls can create a sense of drama and intrigue.

For outdoor living areas such as patios or balconies, custom mirrors can extend the sense of space beyond the confines of your home. Mirrored privacy screens or trellises can reflect lush greenery and scenic views, creating a tranquil oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Home with Custom Mirrors

Incorporating custom mirrors into unexpected spaces throughout your home is a simple yet effective way to elevate your interior design and enhance your living experience. Whether used to create the illusion of space, maximize natural light, or add a touch of glamour, bespoke mirrors offer endless possibilities for creativity and expression.

So, think beyond the bathroom vanity or bedroom dresser and explore the potential of custom mirrors in unexpected areas of your home. With their ability to add depth, style, and sophistication to any space, custom mirrors are sure to make a lasting impression and transform your home into a reflection of your unique personality and taste. Go here at for custom mirrors at your home.