Using Artist Registries to Market Your Art

In my quest to expand my art career with the goal of being a full-time artist I’ve been leaving no stone unturned. I have read and followed much of the advice in Alyson Stanfield’s wonderful book I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, and have recently been digesting Jackie Battenfield’s The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love. The concept boards is very likely to be the first piece of work that an Interior Designer will produce for a client, so it has to be perfect.

They’ve really opened my eyes to the many opportunities artists have to market our work in today’s world. My website and my blog are part of my new marketing plan, along with seeking alternative exhibition opportunities. I’m active in a few forums and post my artwork regularly on Flickr. Of course I’m still approaching galleries and entering juried shows as well.

Recently I’ve realized that I’ve been overlooking one of the simplest, most effective, and cheapest methods for gaining exposure for my art. While I had certainly heard of Artist Registries before, for whatever reason it never clicked that I should be submitting my work to be included.

Many large cities, most states, and numerous private and non-profit art organizations maintain artist registries. An art registry is a listing of artists, often including images of their art, bios, and relevant experience, that is made available to art collectors, gallery directors, buyers, and pretty much anyone else interested in the arts. Often public art programs (or percent for art) include an artist registry as a first step in the selection process.

Artist registries are sometimes referred to as slide registries, an old throwback term to the days when slide carousels ruled the art world. Today most registries are online and digital. This provides the added benefit of a back link to your art website or blog which helps increase your ranking in search results.

Registries are a low-cost, and often times free, promotional tool for artists. Many young artists (myself included) mistakenly think of registries as something unique to New York and other big league art cities, but artist registries are a valuable resource anywhere.

Type in “artist registry” in your favorite flavored internet search engine and you’ll be rewarded with countless links. Many registries have residency requirements, so adding location keywords such as a state or city name can help narrow the results.

Using this simple process I’ve identified a dozen or so registries, several specific to my home state of Texas along with a few national databases, which seem like a good fit for my work. Find this information on how to make your own gallery.

While the submission process for some registries can be lengthy, the potential rewards for promoting your art are enormous. With the whole wide world now connected by the web, there’s simply no excuse for not taking advantage of artist registries.

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Make the Right Wedding Band Choice for Your Man

The most difficult task that you face is to choose the perfect wedding band for your would-be better half. You need to give it careful thought before buying the band; after all, he is going to wear it every day. It is important that you choose a design that is comfortable and classy and suits his personal taste and lifestyle. This pandemic time wedding license cost is really an issue but make it simple if you do have a tight budget.

Many of you have the impression that the best men’s wedding bands are only available in gold and silver. But now, you have plenty of options.

10 Factors to Choose Men’s Wedding Bands

If you have chosen the perfect wedding band for your man, you have done the toughest job. The rest is as comfortable as riding downhill. But there are some basic factors to consider while picking up a wedding band. Mentioned below are 10 of the factors to consider men’s wedding bands.

  • Color

One of the easiest ways to decide on the right wedding band is to find out the perfect color option. Though most of you may choose a 5mm gold wedding band , white gold, rose gold, palladium, rhodium, and platinum are classic choices too.

  • Weight

The second factor you need to consider is weight. It depends totally on the choice of your man. But when it comes to wedding bands, it is always preferable to choose something lighter.

  • Width

The width of the wedding band affects comfort. Though there are more options regarding the width, you must always choose the 5mm wedding band for him to keep it light and comfortable on his hands.

  • Durability

Try to find out the favorite pastime, hobbies, or regular activities of your husband-to-be. If he spends too much time at the gym or works with gardening tools, you should always prefer a durable material.

  • Size

You need to visit a professional jeweler to get the 5mm gold wedding band for your man-sized so that it has the right fit and sits into his finger comfortably.

  • Texture

The texture is another consideration that you need to make. You can go for the hammered finish, convex edge, or the multiple layered 5mm wedding band that looks classy and sophisticated.

  • Sensitivity

Find out whether your would-be husband has any kind of sensitivity towards a particular metal.

  • Ring Fit

The ring fit is an important factor to make it comfortable. Make sure it does not push the skin inside.

  • Matching Yours

If you want to match your wedding ring with his wedding band, then try to choose a metal that complements the style and personality of both of you.

  • Price

Lastly, you need to determine the price of the wedding band that you want for him. Try to fix a budget before buying.

The ritual of exchanging wedding rings has been there in existence for more than a hundred years. It is a marriage tradition where the bride and groom exchange wedding rings with each other on the day of their wedding. Wedding rings continue to be a significant symbol for the groom and the bride of commitment towards each other in modern-day society. Wedding bands have taken the place of rings because of its sophistication, elegance, and stylishness.

Though it is hard to find major differences between wedding rings and bands, they are literally different from each other. And for understanding the difference, it is important to understand the significance and the role that both of these play in a couple’s life. Mentioned below are some of the differences that you find striking between wedding rings and bands.

When you visit a reputed jeweler to get your wedding band, you will find plenty of designs and styles that are beautiful, gorgeous, and at the same time, elegant and classic. Amidst all of them, you need to choose one that matches your personal taste and choice. Here are some of the varieties of wedding bands that you can opt for your wedding. Go and choose your best jewelry for wedding.

Timberland Boots Are Your Superlative Selection

Timberland boots regard the suitability of such shoes for a number of ages as well as genders, and they are also inexpensive. For men, the corporation provides male timberland boots and for women it also has women timberland boots. What ugg boots to buy online is depending on the season, if it is winter then you buy appropriate boots.

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During the season that the price of such shoes is also moderate, thus, it is acceptable for countless clients in any countries. The timberland boots come from the United States and the inauguration is in 1975, and because of a number of decades’ development that it has great reputation among most consumers. Up to now, the timberland boots are also extending their deals to another concerned lines such as the clothes as well as other accessories with the boots. Further, the quality of these shoes is also excellent and ranks the best sellers amongst the boots brands in the field.

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Timberland boots are able to cater for different ages and genders. Both for women and men, the corporation is also reasonably priced. What is more, if you love hiking that the timberland hiking boots are also one of your most excellent choices. And so, you have no excuse to turn down such outstanding boots.

In addition to offer the boots, the company is also engaging in lines of open-air clothing related to the boots. These clothing are quite prevailing and acceptable among people who like hiking, what is more, they have great ranges from coats to waterproofs which can cater for different weather situations ourdoor. When people come to the boots marketplace that their first impression is a light brown suede boot because this sort is the introductory products of the corporation. Nonetheless, the company is also planning to enter to other sorts of colors.

Black leather boots are one of the products that developed by the company and they are very classy in look as well as they have durable materials. As a matter of fact, the robustness is the most significant factor that leads to excellent performance. The leathe is strong, soft and hard enough in various places that you can experience next time. It is demonstrated that the timberland boots can meet a variety of conditions. If you are planning to purchase them you need to get familiar with the details of such lines. Our website has a huge list of boots selection in which you can choose.