Financing Your Tattoo Removal Laser Equipment

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Forget about the pain during laser pigmentation removal Sydney process they will apply an aloe vera to reduce the pain. You are wanting to offer tattoo removal services, you’ve done (or are doing) online research for the market and technology, and maybe you’ve had a conversation or two with a laser company representative. At some point – either sooner or later – you asked the question, “how much is a tattoo removal laser?”

Because you are looking at quality laser technology that is FDA cleared for use in the U.S. and are wisely only considering devices from reputable laser companies, the laser will have a price tag that many business owners decide to finance (though many still pay cash).

Financing a laser for tattoo removal is much easier than expected and can provide many benefits.

Astanza has years of experience working with customers to secure financing from local, national, and niche financial institutions. The process can take as little as a few hours and the laser experts at Astanza can help facilitate the process for you.

Why Finance a Laser vs. Paying Cash?

It’s all about flexibility.

Paying for equipment in cash up front can take away from on-hand capital as you’re starting out. Having cash on-hand allows you to pay for running inventory, personnel, advertising, and any unexpected costs while running the business.

By stretching the payments of a laser system out over a two to six year span, you allow the machine to essentially pay for itself along the way. Entrepreneurs often need this flexibility as they become established in a new industry.

Often there can be tax benefits in financing a laser and making monthly payments rather than paying one lump sum. Payments can often be deducted from your taxes as operating expenses, ultimately lowering the overall cost of your financing contract.

Besides, not the entire cost of the machine has to be financed – financiers will work with any percentage of the overall laser cost.

Where to Get a Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Loan

Astanza clients have taken loans from a variety of different providers. The team at Astanza works with you to figure out the best business structure and financial plan for your individual needs and budget.

Most often, clients use third-party lenders that specialize in capital leases, but many also use local banks, credit unions, angel investors, government organizations, and other well-known financial institutions to garner an attractive equipment loan. Astanza not only works closely with a handful of third-party business financiers who work specifically with capital equipment loans, but also can provide the resources you need when approaching other lenders.

Typically, to arrange financing approval and rates, you simply need to provide answers to a handful of basic personal and financial questions, a valid invoice or product quote from the laser company, and possibly a brief history of financial statements.

Often, for clients outside of the U.S., the best place to start searching for a business loan is at your everyday banking institution. You have a history with them and they have been known to offer the best rates in certain circumstances. However, local banks occasionally require liens on real estate, etc. which is not ideal and can negatively affect those without many assets.

If you were not approved for financing, that does not necessarily mean that financing a laser is completely off the table. Other individuals can help you secure financing for your laser system. A business partner, a medical director physician, an existing business owner, or a family member can co-sign an equipment lease or loan.

Regardless of what you think is the most attractive option, let Astanza’s financially savvy team help determine which type of financial institution makes the most sense to help you meet your goals.