Internal Safeguard Car Door dog Protector paint protection offers outstanding film choices to protect your customer’s vehicles and several pre-cut kits to cover the most commonly damaged areas.New timer a dog owner? Congratulations! If not, then well done on your job with your pooch til now! Keeping your car with zero scratches while having a dog is not easy, but don’t worry with our door protectors it won’t be such a hard thing!

Dog Car Door Protector; Anti-scratch Interior Car Cover Guard 

Benefits You Get From This Products:

  • Quality Texture: Our car door protector is made of a premium fabric that will guarantee your window and door panel protected with a piece of excellent waterproof fabric. With this car door protector, your car’s door and windows are 100% covered and concealed.
  • Premium Fabric:Made of PVC free, washable polyester materials, in the pet car door cover’s waterproof side towards the door and has a harsh nylon surface, good protect your fabric or even leather in your vehicles.
  • Easy Installation: The safeguard is made to be efficient in every aspect, installation is one of these aspects of course! The door shield and window is one of the uncomplicated covers to be put. You will never have a problem putting it on or taking it off.
  • More Of Easy Installation:door protector with two ways to install, provide plastic inserts to the tabs between window and car door panel or use the sticky back Velcro tapes, makes them a breeze to put in and take down as needed.
  • Perfectly Designed: Our car door shield is ideally designed to cover every single inch of your car door and windows. The edges of the door are shielded with car door edge guards, also, there are hook and loop to ensure the steadiness of the shields on its place. Protect your door using our windows and door shield.
  • Universal and Adjustment Coverage:Never worry about your dog drooling or climbing on the window again. Being made of waterproof material, it provides universal coverage. An additional feature is that it could be adjusted for all vehicles doors and windows. A cover that fits small and big vehicles aren’t that great?!
  • Stylish Functions:The screen behind driver/passenger seats always protect the backs of the seats from dog hair/dander/drool, the dog car door cover prevents dogs from flying forward in an accident or hitting you in the head.
  • Easy Washing:The cover is not only easy to install and light weighted but also machine washable. You can wash it on a washing machine, clean it with a damp cloth, or just hand wash it, it is all okay. You will have the cover hang to dry then you will be able to re-install it again. Easy, right!
  • Door/Windows Protection: Pet scratching won’t be a pain anymore! The car door protectors are designed to not affected with dogs’ nails, so, you won’t have to worry about your pet scratching your doors or sabotaging your door edges as there are car door edge guards.
  • New Addition To The Design:The cover is not only door shield or car door guard, mesh storage pockets are knitted to the cover to lock away anything that you want to hoard in the car; snacks, travel essentials or even your dog’s stuff.
  • Two Options For Attachment: You could choose whatever option to attach your door protector to the door, there are two of them that comes with the product; tabs and hook and loop(velcro tape). Consider what is the more comfortable and suitable option for your car and apply it.
  • Your Dog’s Size and Car Brand is Not Important!Whether your dog is from the medium sized breeds or larger dogs, this shouldn’t be bothersome, our door protector is used to protect your car’s door whatever the size of your dog, larger dogs are not a problem!

Still thinking about it! Order now our interior safeguard and enjoy having your dog with you everywhere without worrying about door scratch or windows scratches too, Pet scratching is no longer bothersome!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Could the texture of the car door protector harm my dog in any way?

No, the material of the cover is made of  washable polyester materials, in the pet car door cover’s waterproof side towards the door and has a harsh nylon surface, plus it is free of polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC) which is harmful to the pets so, it is avoided to be in our product.

2. How should I install the door scratch protector without damaging my windows?

If you are going to use the door protectors and you are considering opening the windows, you will have to rule out using the tabs for it, instead, you will have to use hook and loop (velcro) to ensure that your windows won’t get any minor damages( this applies if you are going to fully open the windows).

3. Is this vehicle door protectors are sold per each or in pairs?

Our product is sold in pairs. You would get a set of two

4. Would this product secure my interior car door panel efficiently?

Of course! Our product will guarantee full protection for your car door panel and handles from pet scratching, drooling and whatever you way you think your canine may damage your door panel.

5. Does the set of two door protectors have tabs with it or only one of them comes with tabs and the other with velcro?

All the set come with tabs with it, plus the velcro too.

6. How does the door protector get attached to the doors?

You could choose one of the two options available; Using the plastic tabs to attach it to the doors or you can stick it to the door by using velcro tape.

7. Do these door protectors from pet scratching fits all door vehicles? All sizes?

Yes, it would fit with all while the window is closed with no problem. If you are going to use it while the window is down, you will need to make sure that the door protector is attached in a suitable angle not to unintentionally scratching the windows.

8. Would this car protector be good for guarding the exterior of the car? I want to use it for that purpose.

Unfortunately, no. These door protectors are used to act as an interior door shield and not an exterior one, this product is for guarding your door panels, act as a door edge guard and provide universal coverage and adjustments from drooling, stop scratching and with two options for adjustments.